Benefits of Using a Licensed Tax Preparer

Let’s face it–no one likes doing their taxes.  But if your tax situation is detailed and complicated, your best bet is to hire a licensed tax preparer, online accounting firm, or even a virtual CPA (certified public accountant). While going this route can be more expensive than using the popular tax software programs like Turbo Tax, Tax Act, or Tax Cut, the extra dough is well spent because a licensed tax preparer or virtual CPA will be able to look at all of your documentation and receipts to determine the best method of filing your taxes, like which forms to file, what deductions to take, and how many exemptions you are entitled to.

Most licensed tax preparers, virtual CPAs, or online accounting firms are required to take classes to keep their licenses, so you can guarantee that they have the working knowledge of not only current tax laws, but ones that are in the pipeline.

One thing you should always keep in mind is whether or not your licensed tax preparer, online accounting firm or virtual CPA will offer support after your forms have been sent to the IRS. While a licensed tax preparer, accounting firm, or virtual CPA is responsible for filling out the documents and signing the forms, if there is a problem with your taxes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be coming after you, not them. Therefore, we recommend having a CPA file your taxes because a CPA can represent you against the IRS and state taxing authorities.

Whoever you end up using, just ask if they willing to support you with documentation and explanations if their work on your tax returns triggers an IRS audit.

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